China business made easy


Pauly Trading is a business partner you can trust your China business to. Our experience in trading and sourcing projects make us the best partner for your business in China.

Chinese business culture

We can do that since we know the Chinese way of doing business from within. We understand the cultural differences in negotiating, communication and quality perceptance. Understanding those differences is the first step to a favorable outcome for doing business in China.

Cost reduction

We can reduce your sourcing costs while taking all of the process out of your hands. From your visit to China, a fair and a supplier, till the logistics of getting the goods into your local territory. Our clients are loyal to us and not without a reason. We keep striving for a very good price/quality ratio, and you might now that in China that is on ongoing process. All of this supported by fast and clear communication and a personal touch on the side. We are only human after all.

We sincerely hope you will contact us for your next inquiry and you can experience how we take the extra step to make your China business ventures succesful.

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