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We do SHOES!

Troubles with your Shoes sourcing?

WE CAN HELP! Experience, New models, Fast sampling.

We have been doing shoes business from the very start. Helping our international clients source their shoes from China. We partnered up with very experienced factories who have over 25 years of experience.

We can bring new items for every season and have a very fast sampling process. Because the volume we bring to our partner factories we can keep the prices very competitive. We are strong in children’s shoes. And have sourced adult shoes for woman and man for decades. Check our dedicated Shoes & Upper page for more information.



From the initial contact with suppliers, to the final shipment. We can arrange all. For a clear fixed fee. We inform you throughout the process with clear and simple communication. Sourcing made easy.

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Quality you can TRUST

A good quality check can save you a lot of time and money.

Our western quality controllers will find any issues and we will follow up with your supplier if needed. QC made easy and honest. ASK US!


If you need other trading services from us, we can help you like a personal assistant. But one who knows China and speaks the language. Traveling translator for a fair or supplier visit is the most wanted service.



Next to Chinese and English, we can help you in Spanish, German, French and Dutch.

So don’t hesitate to contact us in your local language! We strive to be very clear and fast in our communication. CONTACT US!

Contact Info

Pauly Trading is a trade name of ‘Guangzhou Intel import & export trading co. Ltd.

Mobile & WhatsApp: +86 139 2219 9917

WeChat ID: paulazhangli We welcome any inquiry and are confident we can satisfy your business needs! Email us
China made easy

Overcome the Chinese obstacles and save your time and your money

One of the things our clients have in common is that they choose to focus on their local core business and cooperate with Pauly trading to make the China part of their business more efficient. Just give it a try on your next sourcing project or China visit and contact us to talk in more detail how we can help you access the China market. Consider us your private butler for all China related affairs.

And be honest, who doesn’t want to have a hard working butler at his fingertips. I want to know more!

We know the business, the culture and the way to reduce costs in China.

Doing international business can sometimes be hard, especially if you engage a country with a different language, different customs and a very different business culture. We have the ability and staff to understand these differences and make your business with China go easy for you. We lower your sourcing costs. So that’s extra profit for you.

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We love win-win

We strive for long term cooperation. Businesses need continuity and stability. That’s better for all parties involved. And if there ever are any issues we’ll look for a solution which all parties can agree to, keeping the long term relation in mind. So doing business in China becomes hassle free and an easy step in your business process.

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Consumer Goods

Shoes – Cosmetics – Promo

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We can help you source all sorts of consumer goods. For many products China still is the main country for production. That means prices are very competitive and the quality is constantly improving. Especially when we assist you with the Quality Control activities.  Easy to save costs on your sourcing activities.

Industrial Goods

Fabrics – Metals – Raw materials

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We can supply industrial goods as well. These are high volume products with very competitive prices to cut your costs further and make your business more profitable from a cost side perspective.

Custom made

Fully Customized products

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Standard goods don’t fit everybody’s needs. We have plenty experience customizing products according to your style.

What Our Clients Say

Our clients are our top priority. And most of our new clients are recommended by our current client base. So that’s not only some words on a website. We actually do the things we promise while being clear and fast in our communication.

“Working with Pauly Trading for more than 6 years. Very professional with a personal touch.

My business is safe in their hands and I can focus on my local market.”
Owner @ fabricco thailand

“Pauly helps me in a very fast and convenient way. She takes all the sourcing work out of my hands and she saved me a lot of money in the whole buying process.”

CEO @ Importadora N&M

“We come on average twice a year to China. Because of all the arrangements Pauly trading makes our trips go smooth and efficient. So we limit our travel budget and our time spend.”

owner @ COOLshoes

Meet some team members

You are as good as your people doing the actural thinking and working. Our international experienced team knows their way in China business ensuring your satisfaction with our services.


Founder & CEO

Paula is passionate and thorough. The toughest negotiator around and takes the extra step for all clients. Our heart and soul!


Co-owner & COO

Robbus brings structure, organisation and experience. He is already doing that succesfully in international businesses for over 2 decades.


Project manager

Lilly brings a young fresh mind and new ideas to the table. She is accurate and result oriented. All projects are managed well and in good hands.


Quality manager

Roy leads the QC department. He sees things no one else does. Next to that he is our nerd making sure all IT related stuff is working perfectly.


BIG & SMALL projects